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Hi everyone, it has come to a final decision that since I cannot get princess voice actors for the Maniac Whooves audio play series I decided to make a triple crossover series called Doctor Whooves: A series of Unfortunate Events instead. I promise you this will be my last decision unless I can not get the production team that I need. I realize that making this will be a lot harder than I thought because I cannot write the character properly who is going to play Count Olaf as the villain of the series, so if any of you Doctor Whooves and A series of Unfortunate events writer experts would like to join in the production team that would be great. :)



I also need a few females who might be interested to voice act in this project, 

here are the characters that I need: 


Mrs Cake


Lyra Heartstrings (for voice acting backup) 


I need permanent audio editors that can overlap audio clips evenly so that people can hear the audio in high quality, and I also need artists. This might be helpful for my future projects. :)


Goodluck getting in the production team! I need some people for each category in a week time since time is running out for Summer. 

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