Philosophy Sub-forum?

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First of all: if this has been suggested before, please send a link to that topic. I've been searching far and wide on this site for a ´Search´ function, but could not find it, despite my considerable internet experience.

Now to the main suggestion:


How about a philosophy sub-forum over at the Everfree Forest? I'm suggestion the lay-out: General Discussion, Media Discussion, and Philosophy Discussion.

Why a sub-forum and not just a new topic?
So that each user who so happens to be interested, can make a new topic in that sub-forum, with their own philosophical theses which they want to discuss. The discussion of that user's views and theses, can then be handled in an organized way in that topic.

A single topic for every users' philosophical views, would IMO result in much confusion, lost opinions and chaos of the unproductive kind.


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What's wrong with posting those kind of topics in the general discussion?

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There is one tiny issue, and is that philosophy by itself can lead to quite heated debates(as an example, the difference between the philosophical schools of Aristotle and Plato, which can lead to different opinions and points of view), specially when I think about how my discussions went when I used to discuss philosophical points of view.
There is one section in particular where the discussion of this kind of themes (along with others) can be organized, which is Debate Pit, and where there is a line that says the following on its rule thread:

The Debate Pit subforum is the staff's solution to intense debate topics chocking out the General Discussion section.

In their own section, moral, religious, political, what have you-esque topics can be better contained from a moderation stand point, and are easier to identify by members looking to debate something.

That includes philosophical-related topics, due for its nature as a moral and ethical discussion. Making a section like that one would simply be a way to overcomplicate the organization of the different topics based on the theme that is being discussed. That makes me inclinate towards a "No", as Debate Pit already offers what you are trying to request, at least in my opinion.

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