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Rainbow Six: Siege bronies?

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So I just recently got Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege for the PC. I'm a 21 year old New York brony and I'm eager to play with competent gamers. If you've got a Steam account, and enjoy the idea of tactical gaming with another brony on Siege...respond with your Steam name and let's get playing!

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Ah! Not a PC player I'm afraid :P I reside on the realm of xbox :D


Although I am having a ton of fun with Siege :3 great game!

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I want to say yes. But I never ended up allocating funds to buy it, and with The Division coming out in march I most likely won't play it till later on. If you were to simply ask "Rainbow Six bronies?" Then I would answer with yes, I'm a huge fan of the series and Tom Clancy games in general.

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Im a PC player looking for a team. Im lvl 109 and currently a plat in rank. My steam is Kengo19

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