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Pokemon, Zelda, and well...pretty much the majority of games today have you pick a name for your character and / or save file. So what do you guys do? Do you use your real name, an OC name, the cannon name (Like using "link" in Zelda) or a pre-set name?


For me it's usually between 3, my real name (which I'm not gonna give away) my pony OC's name, or "Axe" which has become their own kind of OC after how much I ended up using it, only in pokemon games though. What about you guys?

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Kyoshi is all I ever use for these now. Most games like Pokemon have just the right amount of spaces for it too. :3 It was like it was meant to be! It would be awesome to have a random name generator in a game like that. 







"Welcome to the world of Pokemon, Harpoon!"

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I have a tendency to use the real character's name when I get the chance to name a character. I don't know, I suppose it helps me immerse myself a bit better by not name dropping myself into the game. Although naming your rival in pokemon RBY something a little more fun is pretty entertaining...

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I usually just use my name, either my user name or my real name depending on my mood, or I use a canon name if available

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I use Wheatley a lot since I'm used to that more than my real name, I do use my real name in certain games like Animal Crossing though, but it's usually extremely specific games.


However, I can't stand having Link not being named Link, feels weird.

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-Drollon, My World of Warcraft Dwarf Death Knight. Ah like how it rolls off the tongue, so I use this quite often.

-Bradley, O'course!

-Mark, 'Cause it's grown on me, for some reason.

-Yretsym, To display my cleverness.

-Timore, Since it's one of my OC's(Non-Pony) I'm quite proud of, though kinda... evil.



-Vitalentus, My WoW Human Paladin. Latin for... Somethin ah forgot. Anyway, ahm proud of this name for the achievements I've accomplished with it.

-Celerem (Morte), Though I don't use it as often as Vitalentus, since she's kinda, er, evil, I still like the name.


And that's the ones ah use.

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I use my real name, or the closely related nickname that my ex gave me and most of my friends adopted most of the time. However, if it's a game like Zelda, I go with Link. Pretty much anything that requires me to play as a guy, I'll go with the default name.

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I usually go for the default name, or make up something cool depending on the game. For example, in Pokemon, I ALWAYS name it after the game the person's in/the manga name. For example, in B/W I named my character White, since she's in B/W, in DPP I called my character Platinum, in Heartgold/Soulsilver I called my character Gold (yes, I like Gold better than Crystal in HGSS). Only time that this rule didn't follow for Pokemon is probably X/Y. I called my character Yvonne, because just Y isn't really a name that spoke to me. And in the PMD games I just call my characters something cool that relates to them; for example I called my Cyndaquill Crimson and my Snivy Severa.


In other names, just when something fits. In Fire Emblem it's always the default name (in FE:F i'm changing Corrin to Kamui though), in Zelda Link is always Link, in Xenoblade X I just went with Crow (since that sounds cool), Fallout I went with Astrid, Oblivion I went with Yuffie... never my real name though, I don't like my real name or self inserting myself.

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If i'm playing a game that requires me to name a character, I normally use my real name.

If I have to create a name ID, i'll usually just try and think of something creative.

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I hardly ever game, but if my husband forces, um, talks me into playing, I use something stupid like Supergirl. If it's just us, I even sometimes use dirty words just to annoy!


It's just a variation of something I used to do while playing Monopoly as a child. I NEVER would use an official game piece. I'd refuse to play unless I could use something like a bottle cap, small rock, or even a 9V battery! 

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In Pokemon games, I used to use Ash as my name, and Gary for the rival. Nowadays I'm generally Ryu in Pokemon games.

In Zelda, my name is always Link.

In RPGs like Skyrim, I have a lot of trouble. Ciferius the Dark is one of my Imperial character names I often use. I've also gone with Aemon, the Dragon's Wrath (based on ASOIAF obviously, with the title added because I was addicted to Shakugan no Shana at the time and everyone has a title in that series) and the Dragonborn in my WIP fanfic is called Tyr Tordensverd.


In general, I pick names that are lore-friendly because I like immersion. Online and in multiplayer games, I just go with KatonRyu, a name I began to use in 2005 for MapleStory.

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I usually like to name every character I can a different name. 


Previous girl names:







Previous guy names: (Don't ask why they all start with "J" XD)






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I use a ton of names....


For guys:


Hunter (because... eh, my last name? XD)

Orion (my favorite constellation AND is also a hunter)

Wulfe (because I like wolves, I guess...)

Jack (someone gave this to me as a nickname and it stuck)


For girls:


Krysten (or Krystiana) (dunno why, but I really like this name and its variant)

Ashlynn (again I dunno... sue me)

Baylei (name of one of my OC's, and also pretty unique)

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If there is a name the character is meant to have canonically(ie Link, Terra(FF6), Nier), then I use the proper character's name. In Pokémon games or games with custom characters, I tend to either use my real name or Radiance or some other name I feel would fit the character. :squee:

When I was younger though I played some RPGs like Golden Sun with names of people I knew for the party members, so something like that can be fun sometimes that can be fun too. ;)

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It really depends. If they leave the canon name there, then sure I'll use it. If it's just blank as a default, just know that I'm not gonna go look for what the canon name is and I'll make something up on the spot if I'm in an RP mood. In that case I go with a that I think fits the game's setting.


Of course if it's a game that I expect to primarily be playing online with others, I'll probably go with Mutemutt or PuppyChow because that's just kind of my online identity I suppose. I'll also default to those names in offline games if I'm not in an RP mood.

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