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Normally, when there is a new and, for lack of a better word, hyped game, I tend to avoid it for at least or year or so, on the logic that if it is really that good, it will still be mentioned then. And I was skeptical of Undertale on account of it being designed by one of Homestuck's music artists, and that particular fandom is {was?} a fairly loud bit of the internet. On the other hand, what I repeatedly heard of it was that if one is to enjoy it to its fullest, they need to go into it blind, and by this point, avoiding spoilers was getting pretty much impossible.


So I downloaded it and gave it a try. It was.... nice, and that helped draw me in. It didn't really suck me in, though, because lacking any background, I didn't really have much of a reason to keep going forward beyond "let's see what happens next". But I got strung along until the tail end and, well, that's where things got interesting.


I did manage to go through the entire game without killing anyone, and I have to say, the end battle just blew me away. The fact that Toby Fox is a musician certainly helped things too - the fight with Asriel actually managed to get me to tear up. And yeah, it's a great game, but I have to admit, I can easily see how the turn the game takes at the end could make someone hate it as easily as love it.

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I gave Undertale a shot a couple weeks ago. I had managed to stay away from most of the hype, so I went in with no real knowledge of the game, and no expectations. It didn't take me very long to realise why this game was popular, and I was genuinely depressed when I finished the game, simply because I knew I could never play it through and have the same experience with it again.


I really love everything about it, the characters, the story, the gameplay, the music. The soundtrack is fantastic, It has been almost all I have listened too since I played the game.



Playing this game has filled me with detemmienation  :yay:



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This game is sooo good!


And the soundtrack of it is just gold, I loved everything about that game. Not the end because I had to get back to a social life with real people... 


My favorite characters would definitely be: Napstablook, Sans and Papyrus :3 (also Doggo but whatever)

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Here's something interesting. I'm not a huge gamer (I might play more video games in the future since I got a new video game console). But last week, I decided to buy Undertale since a lot of people were talking about it. Needless to say, I enjoyed it and found myself playing through it for several hours. As for my favorite characters, I would say:


- Toriel

- Sans

- Flowey (fighting against him gave me an adrenaline rush)

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"Heck yeah!"


I freaking love Undertale. I'm obsessed with Undertale...


undertale has consumed my life~


My favorite characters would be














Maybe Mettaton?


And Flowey.


Adore the music, too.


Seriously, I love everything about this game. XD

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A friend got the game for me a while ago. I gave it a whirl and it's a nice little game and all, but I don't think it is like 9/10 worthy. I'd say it's like a 7.5/10 for me. I just didn't feel the characters were "as" charming as I was lead to believe. People overhyped it to me and ultimately I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Sucks because I'm a hardcore retro gamer and I felt it was going to be right up my alley, but the battle system kind of annoyed me and the story didn't feel that thought out. It felt needlessly complex unlike Homestuck where Toby Fox did some work on which has the complexity but it's panned out better.


It's pretty obvious that Fox didn't work on the story portion of Homestuck because he can't write as well as Hussie.


However I do like Goat Mom. Goat Mom is the best.

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* ha haaaa.....

* haaaaaaa....


* the best game I ever threw money at in a long time. not sure if my favourite character is clear or not, though.

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