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So just some random ideas for future drawings and doodles while boring stuff was going on in class haha

I didn't want them rotting away so I thought i'd dump them on the forum check out what you all thought of them and what you think I should drop or continue working on :P


Fist is an anime-ish drawing I did in economics while my teacher was talking about america's GDP

While I do enjoy drawing like this and actually have had a lot of practice, I just don't see myself doing anything anime-ish in the future if I had a job in the art field, cause I think Japan already pushes out A LOT of this stuff be it in Manga and Shows, but I wouldn't mind working for a major company like shonen Jump or doing secondary artwork for Funimation (though they mostly just work with Dubbing japanese anime :P)





Just a random doodle, not much. I didn't like it because I tried to add fingers, but then again I could do Icon work for videogames or web pages, but I'd have to practice way more with that and using something like Paint Tool SAI





These last two I got the ideas from a nap I was taking in Government

The jelly looking one I thought of the guy from Spirited Away, but a bit more sinister looking.

The squid one I was thinking of Cthulhu for some reason. Don't ask me how they relate cause I have absolutely no idea XD, I have very weird dreams sometimes. But looking at them now I could keep practicing more Cartoon-ish drawings and possibly join an animation group. not too sure about that though, I'd wanna use my ideas if I were drawing a cartoon, not working under someone else

(Unless it's something by Lauren Faust :wub:)





So tell me what you all think! I'm not really looking for drawing feed back because I know some lines are crappy and I didn't put much effort into them, they're just doodles. But I would like to know what you see as more of my strong suit and what I should try and concentrate on more of, Anime being the exception though because I may go towards that field of animation/drawing . :)

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