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Ever commit a heinous act in a video game?

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I did a genocide run in undertale, which means I had to kill literally every creature in the game by grinding out the random encounters until nobody was left. I also once burned a family to death in the sims in one house while I conducted a child hunger games style event leaving each kid to die until there was one left. (and I ended up killing that kid later)

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I did a genocide run in undertale

This is why I killed Goat Mom. I actually bailed out and reloaded because it was just so upsetting...But Flowey remembered. Little prick. Even my character remembered...That got weird. So I went back and re-committed to genocide because I was...Boned anyway.




In The Witcher, I was super cool to Abigail and came to know her Biblically...Then offered her up when an angry witch-hunting mob came around (because a Witcher can't put emotional ties above his work). Worse, later on, by accident, I stumbled upon her staked and burnt corpse.

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In the original Rome: Total War, I used the enslavement option when taking a settlement on purpose so as to add more population to my Italian cities, so that doesn't count. However what does count, because I didn't really think about it at the time, was recruiting almost all of the population of a conquered city and marching them off to Italy where they would be disbanded and increase the population.


I only realised later that roman 'recruitment' of peasants and other expendables probably isn't voluntary (at least, not all of the 3000 will have wanted to go) so I had effectively conscripted 3000 civilians, marched them over the alps, given them pitiful pay and then kicked them out of the army and left them to rot in the slums of one of my major cities so that I could upgrade it to have an Imperial Palace a little bit faster. Hail Caesar.



The other good example would be Xenonauts, a re-make of the original X-COM, where I didn't respond to a terror mission in time:


"Alien terror attack on Sydney ended by a nuclear strike. 13,511 dead, 6,190 missing. Local politicians furious at the Xenonauts for not intervening."




Even worse, the only bit I really cared about was that they would cut my funding (supersonic interceptors don't come cheap.) There would be lots of incidents like this, although not usually on that scale: 


"UFO destroys a police headquarters. 59 dead."

"Plasma-scarred fishing boat found empty at sea. 13 missing."

"USS Nimitz strafed by unknown aircraft. 86 dead."


You'd get these little information tickets popping up across the globe, all of which would be because there was a UFO in the area that I couldn't (or wouldn't) intercept for whatever reason. 




54,963 civilians and 30 Xenonaut soldiers dead... worth it.  


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Rainbow Six Siege...well, you gonna commit accidental heinous acts daily ^_^


thats the power of a low TTK and friendly fire in close quarters :P


One time, I was perfectly lining up a headshot on an enemy, pressed the trigger, and then out of nowhere my teammate peaked in the door and the bullets hit him instead :D I was soooo sad XD

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Paper Mario.






Stay with me, though.


There's this mole-like creature in the Paper Mario titles named Whacka.  He pops out of the ground, cheerful as can be, and unreservedly declares what a lovely day it is.


Then I hit him on his damn mole-head with a hammer; receiving one of his delectable bumps as reward.


Okay, fine; little guy seems no worse for wear.  Anytime I want one of these items, I have to give Whacka a smart little whack.  As expressed in his dialogue, he clearly doesn't like being clobbered.  I keep whacking him on the noggin regardless.


Finally, after much hammer-reliant abuse, I see the little guy pop up out of his usual spot in the dirt...  He's...  Having difficulty speaking.  He even appears to have forgotten things; I guess repeatedly incurring trauma to the head will do that to a mole.  The once cheerful, life-loving personality was gone.  And I was holding the hammer that had inflicted the harm.


I actually turned the system off and back on; not having saved since the last number of times I'd brought the hammer down on Whacka.  I couldn't stand seeing the little guy that way.  Yes, this honestly bothered me. xD

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Minecraft pigs. I will never trust those evil little bacon bits ever again.



I'd made a big, fancy house with a waterslide, a rooftop pool and pretty skylights. One day I noticed there was a pig at my door. I opened it, and he just stood there. So I told him if he was gonna come in, he'd better do it now. He came in. But then he wouldn't leave. So I decided he'd become my pet.


This worked out for a while. But slowly I started noticing that more and more animals were hanging out right outside my house. And it was weird. It got to the point where they were seriously in the way. But I play on peaceful mode and have a strict "no killing things" policy, so I let them stay.


Then one fateful day, I came back from the mines to put away the new materials I found. And I opened the door to find- animals. Animals EVERYWHERE.


I found pig and yelled at him for having a party without my permission, and I shoved each and every of his animal guests out the door. But later on, THEY WERE ALL BACK. And I had to push them out AGAIN.


This happened over, and over, until I finally said "forget it," got impatient, and destroyed all of them, except pig. BUT he brought MORE friends. So eventually I had to move out and dig a new home out of the mines.


So... yeah. Despite my massacre, pig still declared mutiny and kicked me out of my own house.






Another time, I was on creative mode, riding my horse and slaying zombies that had attacked a village. Three zombies were attempting to break into a little villager's house, and I decided to stop them. Except... I hit the wrong button and accidentally opened the door instead. Before I could do anything, the zombies were in the house and had zombified the villager. I still feel bad about that. I had a big, dramatic speech going on and everything, and then "click." I opened the door.


....my bad.

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Did it all the time in Skyrim, nothing better than using your Overpowered abilities, weapons, and scrolls to kill every killable NPC in a city. Guards hurt just as much as flies when you've completed hundreds of side quests.

I also blew up Megaton in Fallout 3. I didn't save it, since I figured that keeping Megaton was better than destroying it, but it was still something I did.

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The Splinter Cell games, offing innocent people:oh_golly:  

You can do it without consequence n the entire Chaos Theory Penthouse mission:adorkable:  

In the original game's C.I.A. mission, if you activate a glitch the right way, you can off as many C.I.A. personnel you want in the final segment:sunbutt:  

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I played PostalManhunt 1 and 2Grand Theft Auto of course. In GTA 5, I stabbed a woman and I felt guilty afterward. Then I tried to pour gasoline on people but they ran away. I am a collector of violent and banned games. I have Custer's Revenge on Atari 2600.

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Back in The Sims 1, I would place a bunch of rugs and launch a firework indoors and watch all of the sims burn.

...Jesus, that sounds terrible. Well, to be fair to me, in The Sims 2 and beyond I don't even let sims die... to the point that I can't really play generational play beyond the early generations because I won't let my founders or anyone die. lol.

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All I can say, is that I've played Postal. I think I can just leave it that.

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