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WARNING: This post contains minor spoilers for those reading outside of MLP Forums or for those who aren't interested in partaking in my new project: "Mare and the Master's TARDIS Adventures!" 


Basically, what this project is about is the Master from the original TV Series called "Doctor Who." He is the Doctor's rival trying to take over the universe but he unexpectedly takes a new companion on board, a pony named just "Mare;" who is a mysterious blue unicorn from Canterlot. Mare won't really try to stop the Master from doing bad things unless if it is really necessary. This series comes from another perceptive from my old audio play series called Doctor Whooves: Adventure is Time Travel. It won't need the title "Doctor Whooves" at the beginning because he's not a main character. 


This will need a different intro, but I'm having a hard time trying to find the fanmade intro that someone made for the Master. If someone can find any videos, please link them to me in the comment section. :)


If anyone has seen my previous threads, then you'll know the drill. But for the new comers, continue to scroll down! 


What I need: 


Audio Editors (MOST IMPORTANT!) 


and auditions (for a couple of characters only.) 


Characters I need: 


Bullet and the Master


Also art must be in digital, no traditional please. Please do not trace other artwork unless if given permission from bases only! 


Your auditions must be in mp3 format and they must be sent to me at thefillybrony665@gmail.com! 

Also I do want as much background noise removed as possible! 


Well, just found out that I can't attach files. Oh well, I'll make a video and link you all to the Master's voice. I do want a deep voice for Bullet but he will sound like a responsible guard. Goodluck! 

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