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Friendship Games Principle Cinch Sunny Flare's mother?

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Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mother for the obvious reason from looking at them? Could it be possible or too far fetched to really be true?  



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I doubt it,  the only interaction they ever had was when Sunny Flare called Cinch out when she was trying to escape

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Where did you get this idea from? How did they interact?

The similar coloring they both share if not the same? And at the same time, yes, the way she interacted with her was somewhat casual to how you talk to someone you know personally, if you know what I mean. The evidence I have to back this up is during the musical events of the Friendship Games when Suri faced Cinch's evil glare, and started getting all tensed, scared and nervous that may she that all the students are (or at least were) intimidated by her however, she was actually the first called Cinch out bravely without really sounding scared at all. That's when I thought she may know her somehow. It might jot make sense to some and might not have to much evidence, but that really kinda gave me that idea.

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