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Gaming Request: Skyrim Mod Assist

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I've been toying around with some mods to allow flight in Skyrim, as I've found a pair of wings that look beautiful, but don't want them if they can't be used to fly.


There are only two mods that I've found, Flying Mod Beta, which has beautiful animations, but flight is basically no clip, which is too easy to abuse, as well as requiring the power slot for flight, and Real Flying, which has flight mechanics that don't simply turn on no clip, but has much worse animations (that sometimes persist after landing, including whatever it is that prevents combat whilst airborne)


Is there anyone who can aid me? I'd like the animations from the first, with the flight mechanics of the second (compatibility with Animated Dragon Wings for use of the 150% bigger wings would be nice, though if this can be altered without that mod that's just as good). If there's anyone that can do it, or at least help me do it myself, I would be very grateful.

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