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I'm surprised there hasn't been an active thread for this game. This is the newest IP by Nintendo I wasn't expecting much from then bought it on impulse and...it turns out to be really good!


There's a single player campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode that has a few options: Ranked, unranked (local) and unranked (online). Unranked online is called Turf Wars, where you get to play for three minutes where if the team has the most pixels marked, they win. Ranked has a few modes and if you keep on winning those, your rank goes up. Lose, and your rank can go down.


In Multiplayer, you have a whole array of weapon types you can purchase at the game's weapon shop. There are five primary weapon types, with 25 weapon variants that have their own properties. Clothing gives you innate bonuses that you can level up. The more expensive the clothing, the more slots it has. Clothing is limited to hats, shirts and shoes.


There's a lot to do in this game. And remember, stay fresh!

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Oh, I love this game. it's so fun and a fresh (hehe) take on the shooter genre. The game is fast-paced and very interesting. I love the weapon variety(Aerospray RG, Splatterscope, and Inkbrushes are my personal faves), the gearing is pretty neat, too. Turf War is loads of fun, and the Ranked battles are good, too ^^ (Splat Zones are my favorite).

The single player mode is equally fun. The bosses, while a bit easy, are interesting as well. And Splatfest is great, too!

If I had to gripe about anything, the gear stats are kind of annoying, and sea snails aren't that great of an option, personally. And the couch co-op is pretty lackluster, they could have done more with it.

Everything else is awesome, though! New weapons every level, and after 20, a new one every 5 levels!

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I absolutely love Splatoon! I've discovered I'm actually not that bad at it, too. Although I usually still lose. :P It's so addictive, and just so much fun! I always end up playing more matches than I plan on participating in. Splatoon is so very different to other shooters; it annoys me when I spot people claiming it's just a childish ripoff of Call Of Duty. My main weapon is the N-Strike (I've forgotten the rest of the name, but it's the silver and orange coloured one). I think it's a good, well rounded gun with a decent range and firing rate. I also enjoy using the splat rollers. I really enjoyed the story mode too! I loved the bosses, especially the final one. They just got better and better, and going up against the Octo-King was simply a blast!

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Have you ever wanted to learn the Inkling language? Well you're in luck because some determined individuals have created an Inkling language guide PDF file. 


But don't go around in-game thinking you'll be able to read signs and other text, because while they have technically "decoded" the language and it's alphabet, they had to make some alterations to the language that don't exist in the game. Some text you may be able to read, but not all.

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