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Current forum bug list

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We used to have one of these before an unfortunate merging accident ate the last one. Simply put this will be a living document to be updated by Tech Ponies and Forum Staff to update the Community on the major and minor issues you all report. MLPF staff, especially the Canterlot Team, will work to keep this completely updated. We have a process and project management system behind the scenes to track, triage, and communicate all development and repair needs for all Poniverse Sites and will make sure we begin communicating better with MLPF users on status. A note about that: ETA's are notorious nebulous and fluid, so we will not be including those often here. 


This topic will include


  1. What bugs have been reported, and whether they have been acknowledged and verified. 
  2. Current status 
  3. What we are doing to resolve them if this can be shared. 
  4. When any bug is fixed it will be noted as well.  


If you see your issue on here, dev and tech admin is working to resolve. If you do not see your concern here .... get our attention in this forum, by sending a support request, or by grabbing a member of staff. Furthermore if you see something you reported that isn't on here ... let a member of staff know your issue is missing. 





Current Issues

Mention Bug (3/8/2016) - First reported by bronislav84, and seemingly by some other members, this bug causes that mentions do not work for the member, and thus no notification is given to the member when he is @Mentioned. Recently it seems to be an issue exclusive to that member though, according to this post, so its fixing is being currently executed.


Fixed Issues


Search down (1/25/2016) - members will not be able to used the direct on forum search feature. This also impacts other search driven functions such as "My Content" and "Topics I Have Participated In". This has been reported to the tech team and we will keep you all updated on status. This bug has been patched from 1/27/2016, and now the Search Function/My Content should work properly
New Content Down (1/31/2016) - again, the same glitch from the last time, which causes members to not be able to see their "My Content" page, leading to a blank screen without results. This bug has been reported to the tech team as soon as it was noticed and an update should be expected soon Once again, this glitch seems to be fixed, and hopefuly this time will stay fixed.

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