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OOC/Sign-up thread: https://mlpforums.com/topic/146023-equestrian-techmaturgy-rpg-sign-up/


Equestria is the land of equality, happiness, and friendship... although that is what most believe. Every day, there are sources of friction between not only other nations, but within its own borders. Spies, insurgents, politics... Every day Equestria has to keep these aspects in check, but thanks to recent advances in technology, this has become increasingly difficult to perform. Techmaturgy, the hybridization of magic and science, has allowed for boundless creations from scientists across the nation, which has caused the development of many trinkets and gadgets created by civilians and government alike, some for good intent, others for wicked ploys. The grip of the Equestrian Triarchy on its home territory is beginning to slip away, little by little, and you have a choice to make about your own future, and the future of the world.
Welcome to Equestria.


All was quiet on this day in Ponyville. The Sun shined brightly overhead amidst the odd cloud here and there, and the townsponies were going about their lives as typical. Yet something felt... off. Something was not quite right about all this...


Hidden away from sight, melded in the shadows of the local tavern's alleyway, was a bat-pony, quietly observing his surroundings. His mind was as calm as still water and his body was all the more. Seems like this will be simple enough... he thought to himself. He shifted ever-so-slightly, and as soon as he emerged from the shade, he appeared to materialize. He appeared to wear a black, long-sleeve woolen shirt coupled with a dark grey vest, and a matching set of pants, perfect for any sort of camouflage in the streets of the city. "Let's see about this..."


With that, he disappeared again, but this time, heading into the saloon.


NOTE TO ALL: You will be prompted to enter some information regarding Character class preference, weapon preference, and skills upon certain points in the Game. The Game Master will notify you what, when, and why this information is needed. For the time being, all Characters, except the Bat-pony in Black, is skill-less, class-less, weapon-less, and stats-less. This will change quickly.


You may also receive private messages regarding secret information, which can be about... anything. Once you obtain the knowledge, loot, etc., you can choose to divulge this information to another Character. This is for story-related reasons.


EDIT: This is the part where you guys post. :)

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Crystal was sitting at a stool having a glass of milk, she always liked milk despite it being looked down at other ponies but she was different to most there was not many crystal ponies outside the Empire, it was a little more common inside the Empire but was still somewhat looked down upon she was rather glad that the bartender actually had some, she conversed with him about the subject and she was somewhat lucky a regular of the Saloon liked milk too, so she was very lucky him, himself was not really a judge, if fact he said he was giving her a pat her back for it.


They kept talking about this and that aswell she asked a few questions about him and his life and he asked about her's and the Empire a few questions hit nerves, he apologized when he did which was nice, he'd never talked to a Crystal pony before so was a little unsure what was an correct question or not, Crystal was fine with this she was in a good mood and the milk only helped it. She was happy that he was talking to her and not another so he could say the wrong things for next time with another from the Empire, a test run she supposed but she was happy.  

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Closing as requested.

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