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Oh wow, this is a pretty cute style!! Not sure if I'm feeling the floating squares background, though. I mean I understand not wanting the white space, but I feel they could be placed a little better, maybe? idk I'm kinda nitpicking there.


But they both look really plump and cuddly. I love this pairing <3

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BonBon's cutie mark is slighty off, as they seem to be place linear here. They're normally displayed in a zig zag formation.


However, it's a nice work and a brilliant wallpaper, one of my favorite ships.


They're normally in a slight zig zag formation when she's standing upright.


Posted Image


As she's sitting down on her flank in my picture, it was a bit complicated to replicate that same exact pattern going parallel to keep consistent with the cutie marks position. I think it turned out rather well for what result I was looking for.


Thanks for the compliments!

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