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Ever get tired of watching ponies?


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I've watched Friendship Is Magic so many times beginning to end I've lost track haha. 
I still love watching the show today. 
Heck, I've been re-watching the series with most friends in discord. Some veterans and newcomers alike 

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I’ve not grown tired of them, and honestly find myself drawing, coloring, writing or reading about ponies just about everyday. :fluttershy: but I usually only WATCH the actual show on the weekends. And i’ve got plenty of other passions as well. I know what you mean though. I’ve watched through the series in it’s entirety twice now… and I started a third time, and kind of found myself on a “oh I remember this episode, it wasn’t my favorite” and either skipping it altogether or not really paying attention and just kind of let it play as I am on my computer. 

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