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Any Five Nights At Freddy's Fans Out There?

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Absolutely! I may not be as enthusiastic as others, but I've never tired of those games. I cannot wait to read the book and see the movie!  :pinkie:


I've only played the third one, admittedly, but I was never a fan of horror anyway. I'm just crazy for the lore.

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Yay! I am not completely alone in tha fandom world!

I respect Magle but very one makes her out way better than she is. Toy Chica is the best, second fav is Foxy, then a marionette, then Chica. I love all the chicas basically.

Omg was sooooo hyped when I found out there was gonna be a movie of it! It's a Waner Bros production so it's gonna be Guuuuuuud!

I've read the book, it's a really good! You'll love it. It isn't amazingly written, but the plot is super gripping and it reveals the purple man's name.

It is - (Spoiler alert)

Dave. Out of all the names, he chose Dave.

-actually quite like that name lol)

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I love the first Five Nights At Freddy's. I loved the lore within just that one game alone, the atmosphere, deisign, sounds, so I was hooked before FNAF 2 even came out. I haven't played 2, 3, or 4, as I was spoiled by watching Markiplier. But watching it again and again, trying to figure out the underlying tale, watching all of the Game Theory episodes...great fun. I wish I had just bought the games and played it myself, as the rare times I see Let's Plays it's for games I've already played and never will...so that's my only Freddy's regret. What a great series.


My favorite animatronic: FNAF 1 Bonnie. 

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In my opinion, the game isn't scary one bit, and the gameplay is too simplistic, making it unenjoyable for me. However, the characters seem pretty interesting, as well as the fan theories. The fan art isn't too bad as well. I wouldn't consider myself a fan, but i'd say that FNAF isn't too bad. A lot of the fan animations and of course, the fan songs made by the Living Tombstone were pretty sick! I used to be a hater, but I became more open minded and decided to go from a fan's perspective and try to understand why they love this series so much.  :o

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