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Which toys do you wanna see get created?

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My Little Pony is known for having a wide variety of unique characters. From kind earth ponies, to smart unicorns, from competitive pegasi, to regal princesses. However some of them don't really have merch for themselves. I want to know which characters do you want to get a toy version of. Now I am talking about the brushable ones with accessories, not the mini-figs or Vinyl statues. For me, I would love to see toys based on:


Discord. He would have great sound effects and look great. Maybe he could even be in a deluxe pack that comes with the Smooze!


King Sombra. This would be awesome. He could have cool light-up features and sounds. I dare Hasbro to make an Evil Crystal Empire playset for him.


Pinkie Pie's family. We have Pinkie and Maud, but how about the other Pies? I would love them on my shelf.


Big McIntosh and Granny Smith. YOU: You want a Big Mac doll? ME: Eeyup.


Whoa Nelly: Because potatoes.


Cheese Sandwich: Seriously Hasbro, this guy is hilarious! You gotta make him. YOU GOTTA MA-


Tirek: Same reasons as King Sombra. He's powerful, he's also powerful and he's really powerful. Did I mention he's powerful?


And finally... Gummy's Torture Chamber! Comes with Gummy, a Pinkie Pie dummy for him to use, and a bunch of devices that are painful  :comeatus:


Also I want a Dr. Whooves. So what do you guys really wanna see?

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Definitely some more poses for the blind bag ponies. Instead of just using the six they have created for the Mane 6 and various others, some new ones would make them more enjoyable to collect. I mean, Fluttershy finally being updated was amazing itself, but I'd like to see some background ponies get some mold that look more like them.

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I certainly wouldn't mind aniversarry edition blind bags, Funko, brushables every so often. Allow Hasbro to bring back some past generation ponies (Toola Roola, Starcatcher, Surprise, Firefly)

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I'd like for them to bring back Sea Ponies, Flutter Ponies and Wingers.


I'd also like to see more Water Cuties like the first wave, not the second. The second wave was disappointing.


Brushable boys that have normal hair, not stupid troll doll hair.


G1 Funkos of ponies that are not Firefly, Glory and Applejack, preferably Big Brothers, TAFs and the ones that were previously International exclusives like the Mountain Boys.

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BRING US MORE BIG MAC STUFF! My fiencee LOVES big mac and trivia and there is so little merch of both of those guys (there is more of trivia though). In fact, for valentines day, I had sewed him a big mac sweatshirt and he LOVED it!  :wub:  I just wish that there was more "background" character merch... actually, I feel like there is more background pony stuff than there is pony family stuff!... does that make sense? Like I see DJ, lyra, bon bon, dr.hooves and stuff WAY more than i see big mac, maud pie, granny smith, etc. If fact, I don't think I have EVER seen a granny smith merch item. I'm going to BABscon this year in April so I will definitely be looking out for unusual character merch!

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