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Swoop Faithfully Guarding His Post [Sketch]


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TAKS testing week continues, and so do my sketches. As yesterday was Feld0, today I present Swoop to you, faithfully standing by and guarding his post. I know it's a bit flawed, but this is my first time drawing Luna , and it's without references (which made the hair and crown especially difficult because I'd never done them before), and it's all in pencil (I couldn't use pen during the testing). Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.



Please click to view full image.


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Are you doing some kind of thing drawing all the mods?


I like the determined expression. It's so... serious. Although where is the hat?! LunaSwoop wears a beanie!


I dunno, It's just been me sitting down after a test with 3 hours to do nothing in complete silence and starting to doodle. I started Feld0's with an idea in mind and decided to do a LunaSwoop thing because I had never drawn Luna before. I'll probably stick with it and draw one of Zoop tomorrow because he's the last admin/super moderaterthingiewhatever left (plus he uses Fluttershy to represent himself so I wouldn't have to sneak in an iPod to look up what an OC looked like), although that's the last day of testing.

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Awesome Ezynell! I've seen alot of awesome work from you this month!


Thank you! I've finally got the hang of drawing a few ponies and I'm really cranking it up trying to get better this month. These terribly simple full-day tests that take 1 hour to complete adds a bunch of time to my schedule though.

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Hah, awesome work, Ezynell!


You've done a pretty good job of that sketch, particular considering you did so without the use of any references. I'll be sure to sketch a portrait of you sometime, to return the favour and all. ^^

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