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... In the knee


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Everybody knows those pesky little guards in skyrim. They say stupid crap and will arrest you if you attack a chicken. But the worst of 'em all is this line "i used to be an adventurer like you. Then i took an arrow to the knee."

In this game you say this line


I used to be ... Like you, then i took ... In the knee.


But replacing the ... With actual words


Have fun

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"I used to think the 'Arrow in the Knee' meme was funny, but then I took a piece of reality in the knee, and turned 8 years old."

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I used to like this meme but then I thought "this is getting old" and then I posted this comment which doesn't follow the rules.. um.. in the knee.





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I used to troll, but then I took a Rainbow Dash to the knee.


I don't really get the meme, since I still troll today... in fact you could say I... troll 20% more (screw your skyrim memes)

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