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Poetry slam pony help


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Hey Everyone!So there is this project in Language arts I have to do.It's a poetry slam.You basicaly just stand up in front of the class and just talk about something.It dosent have to rhyme.The topic can be anything......Anyways,the people who sit next to me told me I should do something about My Little Pony:Freindship is magic.Im not sure If I should do it or not?And I need help thinking about Ideas for the poetry slam?Should I do the poetry on MLP or not?If yes,what about the show(mane 6,fanbase,bronies,ECT.)?


If your a mod reading this.feel free to move thread.(if necessary)

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I'm t-w-i to the l-i-g-h-t... lol jkjk


By all means do it on MLP, I think you should focus on Equestria in general if you need a lot, or just a single character if its just a short thing

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I call this one: "Ode to Fluttershy"


Heart Pounding

Eyes Surrounding

My thoughts and worries keep compounding

Can I race? Keep the pace?

Must erase thoughts of last place

Rainbow Dash needs my help

I have to try my best

No time to second guess myself

or rest

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Well it depends. If you think that you can come up with a meaningful poem about MLP by all means do it. If not, make it about something simple, like nature or home. I write the best poety about the outdoors, even though my best really isn't all that good.

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Keeping up the pace

gotta watch the cute ponehz

but homework keeps compounding

hopefully it's just a phase

to get away from-

grow into something new.

it's too expensive a wish

to hope that I might change

but the ponehz keep callin'

I'll just watch it one more day.


Yeah, something like that...

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Honestly, I'd say write a poem about whatever your most passionate about. If that's MLP, great!!! If not, don't just make it about MLP because some friends said you should. In my experience throughout high school and college, the best course of action for writing anything, unless assigned a specific subject for a paper, is to write about what you're most passionate about or interested in. Just follow your gut pal, and you'll be fine! :)

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