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Favourite ending to an episode?

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For me, it would have to be Season Two's 'SSCS 6000' ending. That friendship letter gag always gives me a good laugh; one of those moments that truly caught me off guard.


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I liked the end of the episode with the minotaur training fluttershy to be more aggressive lol. Wasn't expecting her to say no i'm not paying cause I wasn't satisfied with the results


I was like...


lol looophooooollleeeeee

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It's hard to choose...


Best awesome ending: Season 2 finale


Best friendship ending: The Return Of Harmony


Best "lmao never thought that character would do that, I liked it!" ending: Sweet and Elite (I never expected Fancypants to turn out to be nice) and Putting Your Hoof Down (didn't expect how she managed to not pay for the classes)

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TBH, It's hard to pick my favorite ending.


I'll have to go with Friendship Is Magic: Part 2, the second episode of season 1. Near the ending, when Twilight Sparkle was describing her friends, that part almost brought me to tears, because of how the episode was written and the emotions presented from TS. When Pinkie Pie broke the fourth wall at the very end, you know that it'll be a wild ride.


Now, A Canterlot Wedding: Part 2, that's second to the second episode season 1. The ending was very enjoyable. With a appearance of Princess Luna and DJ-P0n3. Rarity being greedy by pushing the other ponies out of the way grabbing the bouquet. Also, the song "Love Is In Bloom" was the final concoction in making not the ending memorable, but the two-parter itself.


Very good stuff.

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Ohhhh, why does this have to be so hard? lol


First off, for the very same reasons as Deemo, I really enjoyed the end of Friendsip is Magic, Part 2. As it was my first episode, and the thing that made me become a Brony, I was compeltely and undoubtedly sure that I wasn't going to regret this decisison. It made me immediately pumped up for 2 seasons of awesomeness.


The endings of Friendsip is Magic Part 1, Return to Harmony Part 1, and A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 were all awesome in their own special way, because I knew the peak of epicness was coming up, and are good reasons as to why the show is good in general with its presentation.


Now, the ending to Baby Cakes was something different, because it was one that actually made me tear up for real, and wasn't a two-parter, which was completely unusual. (then again, rewatching all of them, I might find a several good emotional moments)


Props to Return to Harmony Part 2 for the whole Star Wars redux. :P

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My favorite ending out of the entire show is of course the ending for A Canterlot Wedding. I became very emotional for many reasons at that ending, and left me kind of unsure what to do with myself for a good hour. (I spent it pacing around the house several times, randomly breaking down into tears or laughing sporadically. . . Yes, I looked like I was having a mental breakdown) I've never had that much of an emotional connection with a show before, and I absolutely loved it. Mostly it was because of a mix of the music, the setting, and it being the end of the season that I had become a brony watching. (And Love is in Bloom still pulls my heartstrings because of that)


On normal episodes however, Lesson Zero had a fun ending with a good moral, Best Night Ever, with the realization of Celestia planning the entire thing, and of course, Feeling Pinkie Keen, where Celestia drops out of the sky like a boss. It's not obvious that Celestia is my favorite pony is it?

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One of my favorite endings would have to be the the ending to Lesson Zero. As much as I dislike the complete and utter derailment of Twilight's character throughout the episode, the moment Celestia shows up and from then on is utter writing genius. First, it leads to quite possible the most hearwarming line in the entire show, a line that speaks dictionary sized volumes about Celestia:


"You are a wonderful student, Twilight." After everything that's happened, Celestia has every right to be angry. Yet the first thing she does is put Twilight's mind at ease and reassure her how much she truly cares for her student. Then, we lead into what I can only describe as pure literary genius with Celestia's next line: "From this day forth, I would like you all to report to me your findings on the magic of friendship...when, and only when, you happen to discover them." Now, not only can future episodes focus more on the other main characters without Twilight being directly involved, but episodes don't have to end on a letter and ruin the already clear message like in Family Appreciation Day. This ending is utter brillance, that's all I can say. Sheer, unadulterated, brillance!

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I liked the one that ended with Twilight writing a letter...


Actually, I liked the ending of "It's About Time" when Twilight realized a version of herself was about to go through all that again! LOL!

"Aww, don't worry about it. It's past Twilight's problem now."

- Pinkie Pie

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