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Friendship Games SunLight or SciTwiShimmer?

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SunLight is my OTP 4 LIFE! I don't really get why some say Sci Twi and Sunset were meant for each other if Princess Twilight came first. Twilight and Sunset have history with each other and then Sci Twi just came and wrecked that. I'm hoping that Twilight will appear in Legend of the Everfree but it seems to me like Sci Twi has replaced Twilight in the movies because Twilight is no longer needed. I still am hoping Sunset is brought to Equestria because she's a pony after all.  What do you all think?

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I personally prefer Sunset x Pricess Twilight because they are actually both ponies (and probably already in their 20's) and they seem to have one of the deepest relationship in the MLP-franchise.


But I can also see why people say that Sci replaced Twilight because...well, she probably did. 

With Sci there is no need for Twilight to be in the movies anymore and if you look at the new Equestria Girls: Legend of the Everfree toys there is no toy of her this time (at least so far), so it could really be that Twilight will not be in the 4th EQG movie at all.

But besides that:

Sunset and Sci share similarities in their lifes and the biggest one is the transformation into a demon, what I think is the darkest part in their lifes and something what they just want to forget. And with Sunset having it already more or less overcome, she can help Sci with it now, what could might lead to a deep relationship as well.


(And somehow I think I am using the word "relationship" wrong. ._.')

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I hate the idea. Ewww! There can be only ONE Twilight and that is Princess Twilight.



I never really got the opposition to polyamory. As long as they all agree and are in the same relationship its all cool in my book. Cheating is one thing, polyamory is another 



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You know, it also gave me that idea. You know, that Sci Twi was added to replace Twilie the pony, and Sunset as main character. But I have hope, that Sunny will remain main character (along with Twilie, if she makes an appearance in the next Equestria Girls installment). For this hope is firmly supported by the fact, that Sci Twi is yet to be fully established as a character (I'm not sure if she is already...).


As of shipping we are talking about: Sci Twi with Sunny?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Does it work as some sort of joke that Sunset needs to worry about 2 Twilights? Yes. Are they a good pair? I, personally wouldn't say so. Like I said in Twilight Sparkle Fan Club topic, I know Sci Twi for like one movie (and those some seconds of post-credits time of Rainbow Rocks), and it wasn't enough for me to really grow attached to her. And then A have Twilie, which I know for 5 seasons, 2 EG movies and those last seconds of Friendship Games; adorkable pony that I know and love. Let's say, I am no big fan of cases, when character I know gets shipped with character I don't know well enough.


And yes, I do adore SunLight much much :sunshower:  :adorkable: . And to end my blabbering I'll just leave this cutest SunLight picture I ever saw.


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I vastly prefer SunLight over SciTwiShimmer and I will use insane troll logic (i.e. differently interpreted scenes from FG) to prove that I'm right.






is Sunset's face when she thought Twilight had come from Equestria to help them. Note how Sunset's expression seems more emotional than Pinkie's. (Like I said, using insane troll logic here...) EDIT: Hmm, the pic doesn't seem to render, but the link works.


In the very next scene, however (of which I couldn't find a picture) when they're walking down the hallway she's angry, which I believe is also because she thought Twilight had come back, only to find out that it wasn't her.


Later on, after the motor cross event when she was chewing SciTwi out I think that in addition to being angry SciTwi endangered her friends, she was also angry because Equestrian Twilight would never have done something like that and could've probably solved all the problems, thus reminding her more that SciTwi really isn't the person (pony) she likes.


I really don't dislike SciTwi, but why not set her up with Brad after he's been given some actual personality so Equestrian Twilight and Sunset can be together without problems.

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Sunlight all the way. 

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight already had all of Rainbow Rocks to develop a strong and meaningful friendship with one another and how both of their character arcs played out through the movie ended up crossing and helping the two of them grow as people.

Best examples would be the kitchen scene and when Sunset Shimmer takes control and snaps the high 5 out of their arguments and help bring Twilight back to reality. Plus the two of them both being from Equestria and being former students of Celestia and having similar interests also helps things out between the two of them.

And all of this:


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