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Unpopular/uncommon video game opinions

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-While it's not as bad as when it first came out, I honestly don't get the hate for the 2DS. A lot of people say stuff like "u can just turn the 3D off," but to be fair, it isn't for people to buy another 3DS. It's for people (like me) who want to get into the 3DS and it's great library but don't want to spend an extra $40 on a feature they're most likely not going to use. Plus, contrary to popular opinion, I actually find the design of it to be pretty well-built and comfortable and there's a good reason why Nintendo designed it that way.


-While I can fully understand the appeal of it, I'm not really that big into Minecraft. It might just be because I've only played the cracked versions (therefore single-player survival/creative mode only), but I just wasn't as interested in it as everyone else was. I'm more of a Terraria person myself.

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-As a huge Sonic fan, the Sonic Adventure games weren't really that good. The first one, while a guilty pleasure, has aged poorly mainly due to having a really bad camera and tons of clipping glitches

Title says it all. Just share a few gaming opinions that are unpopular or uncommon. I'll start with two for now. Feel free to disagree, but obviously don't be a jerk just cause someone thinks differen

I appreciate the Donkey Kong Country series.  Or, at least, DKC, DKC2 (less than DKC), DKCR, and DKC:TF.  So...  Okay, most of them. xD  But I very much disagree on the point of "controls."  DKC has a

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I like Super Mario Bros 2 more than Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3. That's the reskinned Doki Doki Panic I'm referring to there, not the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2. That game is pure hell.


I rate Zelda II: The Adventure of Link more highly than most people.


Mega Man 6 is one of my favorite classic series Mega Man games. From what I've seen, most people consider it a weak entry.


I've never liked first person shooters, and I kind of wish they would die out.


I'll get some hate for this one, but Pokemon and Super Smash Brothers have never appealed to me.


I didn't really like Donkey Kong Country Returns.


I tried to play Fallout 3, but quickly grew bored of it.

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Heavy rain was highly overrated.


The Order VS Heavy Rain : The Order wins. Because insanely repetitive and uninteresting 15minutes of gameplay is still better than no gameplay.

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- Nintendo will never be a serious contender in the adult gaming sphere.  They are too focused on family friendly party games and even their occasional accidental hit like smash bros or splatoon only appeal to a very small niche market of rabid fans.  But having said that, their particular market of family friendly party games is one which they have pretty much cornered, and they'll be around as long as they stick to what they do well.  On the whole though, weak hardware and poor third party support means that they will never try to step into the ring with Sony and Microsoft, because they will lose, and they know this.


- I liked Fallout Tactics, I don't care that it was completely out of sync and out of character with the rest of the Franchise, it was still enjoyable.


-  Double Dragon and Target Renegade were immeasurably more fun than any Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat or Tekken game has ever been.


- Laser Squad was better on the Spectrum than it was on the Amiga.


- I have never played Undertale, and have no intention to ever do so, partly because I don't think it looks all that interesting, and largely because the fandom has made me so sick of it that I would find it difficult to approach it with a neutral perspective.

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I don't like Legend of Zelda games at all, but pokemon is amazing


Age of Empires is better than starcraft


TF2 is not good, it never really was. 


WoW is a very boring and static MMO


Call of Duty is actually an enjoyable way to kill a few hours


Halo is amazing

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So I've yet to find someone that doesn't think I'm crazy for this, but Auron from Final Fantasy X is the stupidest character out there. He knows everything that's going on since the start but never tells you anything. He tries too hard to look like the quiet badass that you don't want to get on the bad side of, but he falls so far short and it just looks bad. They try to make you use him by making him overpowered which is just stupid. Everything about him rubs me the wrong way.


Aside from that, Minecraft is far better than Terraria and Stardew Valley.

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