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Unpopular/uncommon video game opinions


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On 2022-08-04 at 9:40 AM, ExplosionMare said:

Horror games without graphic content tend to be a lot more disturbing than say, a slasher game

Psychological/Cosmic horror is the best.

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DK64 isn't a bad game... But Minecraft definitely is, not comparing, just stating unpopular opinions lol,

The new Super Smash Bros is way to oversaturated with new characters, it's kind of disgusting...

The only good FPS games are Time Splitters Future Perfect and Quake 3 Arena...

Diddy Kong Racing is superior to Mario Kart in "almost" every way.

Platform games aren't dead, and the appeal for them is not just "retro"..

The Warioware series is actually pretty great..

Mobas SUCK, they aren't fun lol, at all

Truthfully the "MOST competitive" type of games are RTS games. In regards to difficulty and consistency



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2 hours ago, KingCorvus said:


Platform games aren't dead, and the appeal for them is not just "retro"..


Moving away from 2D really did a number on platforming :scoots:. Thank goodness for indie games, as they provide our fix of classic-styled games, like Celeste, which kicks major “male donkey” :mlp_icwudt:

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