Looking for artist for webcomic/askblog

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So awhile back I took a poll on seeing a group tumblr was possible, and now here we are, I am looking for a mid skilled artiest who has time to help me on this project,


The project is going to be a comic/askblog type thing following an OC of mine, here is the short description:


Welcome to equestria, no longer the magical land you once knew. 500 years ago the elements, the princesses, and crystal empire vanished. Unicorn both rate has dropped to nearly zero. Both earth and pegasus ponies filled the gap with a rushed technical age. 


On the edge of the small town one called ponyville, a rift opened in the sky and an alicorn foal fell from it, can they raise her to be the ruler that she meant to be?



I have a basic out line of cast and stuff, willing to add Other OCs into it. any questions feel free to ask.

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