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I produced this song today. I hope you all like it. I don't really get many views so I hope this helps. Maybe one day I get featured on EQD. Thank you all! /)  Both links lead to the same song but the bandcamp is higher quality. /) :D :D :)





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It's a decent listen. 


I like that piano sound. What kind of VST was that anyway?


However, perhaps the biggest thing that is putting a damper on your piece is that you limited yourself to the I and the IV in terms of your progressions. If you take a look at it from a mathematical perspective, you only can order them one other way, and that's flipping the IV to the front. Using four chords in your progression would not only fix the problem of limiting, but would give you 24 different ways of ordering chords. To learn how to develop effective chord progressions, you can visit this thread here: https://mlpforums.com/topic/136619-chords-progressions-modulations-a-guide-to-composing-music/


In terms of your beats, good choice. I like the smoothness. The one thing though, is that you went double-time when you brought in that gated sawtooth. 


All in all, it's a nice piece, but it simply could use a little bit more development when it comes to the chord progressions. 

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