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The best Video game insults you've heard


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We all know, love and play games


Most ( popular ) games have multiplayer


Sometimes, people run their mouth when they play. 


Some do because some incredible bullshit happened


Some do because, well, we do get angry from time to time


And some do because it's just bloody hilarious. 


I'm Guilty of all 3


Yes, this thread is dedicated to the spectrum of thrash talk and insults you will experience on multiplayer games. Though, I'd much prefer if this thread be filled with the funniest, most hilarious ones you have heard. I'll list mine below.




'Good luck having fun' - cs go, multiplayer round based matches

I am constantly guilty of using this at the start of every game, because i personally find it hilarious. It parodies the tradition of saying GLHF ( good luck have fun ) at the start of the match, and is generally good manners.



'Life with parkinson's must be really difficult' - General

This one needs no explanation


'This is my care cup \_/. See, it's empty' - General


'You have a reaction time slower than a coastal erosion.' - General


'I f**ked my mother last night'

This typo by the enemy team was ridiculously funny


'Do you wear a helmet to bed?'


And lastly...


'If you stopped sucking horse cock maybe you won't be so salty.'

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Haven't heard any from multiplayer(don't play enough), and I'm already aware of the 10-year-olds saying they had sex with my mom last night, so I've got nothing.


My favorite in-game insult is probably "Sir Henry Motherfucker" from No More Heroes

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"Are you this stupid all the time, or do you have to strive for going that many notches down the evolutionary ladder?" -Me


"And here, we see the wild quickscopers of Call of Duty, who will enlist for the Army, wash out of the sniper program, then get themselves killed as soon as they enter a combat zone by someone who actually knows how to aim." -Me


"Listen, kid. I was a sniper in Afghanistan for two tours, so don't you *BLEEP*ing turn to me and say I'm not a real sniper because I fight like a real man, instead of jumping around like a puppy on crack." -some military dude on CoD; still not sure if he was a vet, but he sounded like he was on voice.


"Are you sure that I'm rekt? I've never even heard of someone named Rekt. Is he like your cousin or something?" -Me; variations of the joke sometimes go "Are you sure I'm Rekt? But my name's (insert Orion's real name here), not whoever this Rekt guy is."


"I'm a faggot? You know, you might actually have a point there... but my boss is a woman, I was a chick in the 40s, I hate everyone equally, and no one can possibly comprehend my sexual preferences. So, in other words, Mr. "Faze ParaLLel", CHUH-CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" -Me, paraphrasing Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by TFS.


"You knocked my mum last night? Well, thanks for the confession that you're a necrophiliac, but TMI, mate." -Me, but I'm probably not the first to say that. For future reference, though, my mother's not dead.


"Hey, look at all the f---s I give! That's odd, I seem to have misplaced them; this box is empty. Oh, that's right; because I never had any to begin with." -Me


"The most expensive material is antimatter, coming in at $625 million USD a gram. That is, until I was born, where the most expensive material became any of the f---s I have to give." -Me

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I have to go with the classic: a preteen kid playing CSGO and calling anyone he doesn't like 40 year old.

I take this with pride because despite being 16 I apparently sound like a 40 year old (ie my dad's age). He even further sweetened by asking me what I had to do w/ my life.

All my team was laughing so hard :lol:

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@Totally Nyx can testify that Risk of Rain 2 has some death message insults.

As for the best game insults I've heard, I think it came from Middle Earth Shadow of War where the game insults you for dying. I didn't play much of that game though cause it's too hard for me.

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