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Submit your Tabletop Gaming Events at Babscon

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Hello all.


I'm the new head of Tabletop Gaming at BABSCon, Elliott; I just got the job this week.


I've been working pretty hard on getting the game library from last year and a bunch of official events and sponsors for Trixie's Tables.


Right now we haven't got that many submitted events, though.  We'll be re-opening events submissions soon so that you can submit your Tabletop game events - please do so!


Also, if you've submitted an application to volunteer at Tabletop and we haven't gotten back to you, please PM me right away with your e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


See you all at Trixie's Tables!

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I am kinda looking forward to the After hours gaming. I saw the program has a Cards Against Humanity/Equinity... my crew plays that game all the time and my buddy had prety much the complete collection of expansion cards in the Bigger Blacker Box. If everypony is brave enough to wanna play, I am so down!

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