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Hello, Im Spectra Dust!

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Hi, my ponysona is named Spectra Dust. She is a grey pony with a tiny hint of blue, and her mane is bright red, yellow and blue. Her mane and tail and pretty straight and not too long, but defiantly not short. Her cutie mark is a rainbow, half normal colors, half many shades of grey. It represents her very emotional soul, for one moment she will be happy and outgoing, then the next moment she will be depressed and sad. Most of the time, Spectra Dust is calm, friendly, but a little judgmental, but even though that is how she is most often, she you will never see the same personality 2 days in a row. On her Left wrist she wears a gay pride fabric band, and just like me in real life, she NEVER take it off (unless I have to shower of course).


Im so happy to join the community and be able to meet more bronies and pegasisters!


Also! Im looking for a free ponysona artist to draw Spectra Dust! I would be very very thankful if someone was willing to draw her!!


Hope to see everypony around! *bro hoof*

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Welcome to MLP Forums, @Spectra_Dust, I guarantee that you'll have a great time here!  You get to interact with other fans of the show, participate in forums games and help others out with their problems! Enjoy your stay.  :pinkie:



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hey there, welcome to the forums!

Hopefully you settle in well around here, the people here are very friendly and the community is awesome!

If you wanted to chat about anything at all then feel free to drop me a PM at any time, I'm always up for meeting new members.

Looking forward to seeing you around! *Brohoof*

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