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This is a role play that after 25 people join it will start...The story is based in the small town of Old Hooves which is in the Everfree Forest as a first chance to settle in it...where 25 ponies try to keep the town running as it expands...but it will start with the original 25 meeting up which means 2 private...the ponies meeting up..........and two open...where the town starts to expand...if you want to join I will need your ocs race name and what occupation which I will decide if it works or not...I will control the changes in setting and my own character...along with special guests...also you don't need an occupation but it us recommended for you to be able to gain bits which I will remind you through pms if you allow me to and want me to or via an anonymous pony who will remind you itself...well that is pretty much it feel free to pm for questions...therefore the template will start for my character




Name: Silvermoon

Age: 22

Gender: male

Race: Unicorn

Occupation: Everfree ranger (a pony that lives outside of the town but protects it)

Background: born in Ponyville...chose to travel to get a new experience uses mainly summoning magic...very secretive and quiet. Hides under a cloak

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As there is no link to an OOC thread, and that it appears there is no apparent OOC available, this RP will now be locked. To have it unlocked please PM me or one of the other RP staffers the links to both this and the OOC.


Thank you.

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