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(inb4 I thought Mesme dosen't have any headcanons. #Hypocrite)


I watched the final teaser today and the more i thought about it, the more Sunburst came into my mind and i asked myself "what is the deal with this Unicorn?" Then i thought to myself "he is probably a workoholic."


From the looks of things, Sunburst seems to be a victim of being overworked. Not from personal choice, mind you but from his family. Because he discovered his talent so suddenly. His family might want him to stick with his studies at all times. Thus leaving him unable to socialize.


This is something many real world "child prodigies" actually face. Including the cliched and stereotyped "smart Asian." A strong mind doesn't solely grow through being in cramped rooms and endless study. It's about being outdoors, socializing and having fun.


Which is why, even though school is long behind me. I always stand against the idiotic idea of banning summer/spring break. Year-long education without any form of relief is no good for anyone. Which is why I hope Sunburst will be given some freedom, after seeing his friend again.



What do you guys think?



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I have a possible theory that after Sunburst received his mark he was sent to Celestia's school and eventually becoming a star pupil of Celestia. That's the only reason why he's even in the premier in the first place because Celestia wants to bring closure to Sunburst after finding Starlight after all those years.

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Sounds about right. He clearly had no choice in the manner when his family was all in freak out celebration mode. Makes me think that Starlight is going to blame him him when in reality it isn't his fault. That could be an interesting parallel, but I hope it is handled right. I don't want Starlight to be further soured in my mind. 

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