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Gaming TF2: the Art of Voice Line Mixing

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If you play TF2 regularly, chances are you came across someone spamming voice commands. While it could be an annoyance, there is a specific group of people who spam in a very screative manner. Using a combination of automated voice lines, voice commands and taunt lines, they could end up making the 9 characters we all know and love/hate say some moderately hilarious things. After all, that is how "pootis" and "gottam" became a thing.




Soldier negative comment + Call for medic = "That was an amazing killing spree, by the - MEDIC!"


Spy fencing taunt + Dispenser here = "Just lay your weapons down and - Place a dispenser here!"


Engineer Build a sentry + gunslinger swing = "Sentry going - Bang."


Soldier call for help at control point + Jeer + Schadenfreude taunt = "You will help me defend my - Pain is - *Laugh*"





What are some of those hilarious or awkward quotes you heard or came up with?

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