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I'm tired of trying to do and learn everything by myself, solo, in an isolated bubble... it hasn't got me very far or motivated to keep going, so Im finally making this post. If theirs someone out there thats interested in learning and making videos games (the art, animation, programming, writing, music, design, etc) and would like to do it as a together thing let me know. Thanks.


A little about me: Ive been wanting to make video games for pretty much my whole life, and i kinda have... well nothing that I finished anyways. I have have some programming experience, some art, animation, music, designing(on scrap paper), and virtually no writing (unless you count a creative college writing class).


Tools & skills: I primarily know flash and construct 2, and a little of Unity as far as game engines go. Some photoshop, inkscape, and illustrator as far as 2d art tools go. Tiny bit of Blender and even less of Autodesk (working on it) for 3D. Cubase 7 and audacity for music. Word 2010 and various 'whatever i feel like' for writing. Spriter and flash for animations. Knowledge for game design and production comes from online classes and videos, and a couple books I own (Rules of Play, Blueprint for Designing Virtual Worlds, How to be a Video Game Artist: an insiders guide to making in the video game industry, How to Create Fantasy characters, and various digital books ive downloaded from somewhere. 


More about me: I work, alot. I'm serving fast food (which you might here me complain about), and I'm working as a Video Game Tester (which you wont here me complain about). Typically Im free on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday nights (I'm pretty much booked every other day and night of the week). I'm a 90s &early 2000s kid. Pretty much an adult, a good listener, and relaxed. I keep an open mind, have a down to earth persona, and was raised in CA in a small town near but far from the coast (so you'll here use term like dude a lot). I smoke, I drink, I enjoy life. I also lean towards the design of the creative design of things.


If you've read this an are interested in creating stuff, learning to create stuff, have an be a support for pushing one another in their creative endeavors, like comment sub... oh wait thats youtube. Reply below with thoughts comments and questions.

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Do you like Bullet Hells?

Yeah their alright. Been awhile since Ive played one.

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