Idea for a charity type thing.

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Ok so this has been brewing for a while, It's called 'Letters from Ponies' But it goes something like this.


We get a bunch of Roleplayers who can write as the main cast. People can write a letter to a pony, where the RP will write a response to send back. It will be Emailed to a person who has fonts for each pony(Or if the RP want's they can do the fonts and print it them selves). will print the letter in the font and mail it to the person who write the first letter. The prime target is for younger fans of the show, who have an issue that they want a pony to help them with.


Right now, this is just an Idea, So I want to see if anyone else think it is a good one?


Pony ideas(You can suggest more):




Rainbow dash




Pinkie pie



Sweetie belle



Vynal(100% sure that is not spelled right)

Doctor Whoves


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This is severely adorable. I'm not sure HOW we could go about if, but it sounds fantastic.

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Zecora is going to be quite interesting.

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