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So a few of you have been asking to hear my Opera Voice. We'll here it is. This is how I REALLY sing not that silly poppy stuff I've been putting out as of late. Make sure to subscribe and like me on youtube I'd really appreciate the support from you all :D <3

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Its on the youtube video under descriptions


Oh, nice.


-Amazing lyrics. They are sincere. Very sincere. And so is the instrumentals. I like that. Making the whole thing more serious.


With Faust our creator, we destroyed the invader,

And see Them become a Cutie Mark Crusader,


How did you come up with that ?! That's just too awesome. Lol :DD


Also, assuming that you're using FL Studio, I'd give you a tip:


When recording vocals like these, I'd suggest putting a limiter on the channel you've assigned the vocals to, or just turning the volume down. It sounds like it's going above 0dB which unfortunately causes the vocals to be a little distorted.

(Or that may be because I've got my headset connected to my amp, which is turned up to max volume, though that usually never happens with music I normally listen to.)

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This song just makes me proud to be brony. This gives me the feel that the brony cause will never be broken, and will remain strong for sometime. And any and all pony related ambitions should be pursued and can be accomplished.

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