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You're stuffed in a suit at Freddy's by the person above. What do you do?

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You're stuffed into a suit at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza by the above poster. What's the first thing you do as an animatronic and what do you do to the poster?

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Knowing Ms. Bolt...I'd feel betrayed...but strangely not surprised o-o


I guess I would continue shipping MesonBeans as an animatronic O-O

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Considering I'm getting more yandere, I'd slowly stuff you back. Listening to you scream in agony the whole time and relishing it as I got my sweet revenge. I'd leave the head off so you can continue to suffer like I did and finally die hours later. You'd most likely end up like springtrap.


As an animatronic, I'd keep Foxy company and entertained by playing games and showing him funny videos. By night, I'll run down the right hall while he gets the left(guard's directions). We'd be unstoppable as no guard could close the doors quick enough to stop both of us at once.

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Break out of the restaurant and expose the existence of poorly-thought-out supernatural BS to the world in the hopes of getting my original body back, or getting stuffed into a better-functioning and better-looking suit with weapons capabilities, USB compatibility, multiple arms, and wireless capability.

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