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Looking for Allegrezza similar fanfiction


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I read Allegrezza a while ago. It was the first fanfiction I read, and to this day it remains the best one. -It have so many details, the quality of the text is just stunning, the interaction beetween the characters is so realistic(and they reacts to situations in a realistic way)... and the list goes on.

I have unfortunately not been able to find another fanfiction similar to Allegrezza, so any tips? :)

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Name: Two's Company, Three's a crowd.


Ship: Vinyl Scratch x Octavia (main ship), Lyra x Bon Bon, Twilight x Trixie


Tags: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life.


Global rating: 1597 tumbs up, 48 thumbs down.


Personal rating: I'll give it a solid 5/5. It's my favorite story so far and have made my cry several times for reasons you will have to discover yourself.


Content: The story is about Vinyl's and Octavia's relationship. They have their ups and downs, but they stand together to fight through it. It comes as a shock for them when they get news of an unexpected visitor in their life and will therefor have to adapt to this new aspect.


Why I like this fiction: It's well written, follows a nice and steady pace. The characters personalities are well unfolded and the interaction between them are nicely done as well. The whole concept of the story is cute and very catchy, I found it hard to stop reading when I had first started. It's long, but the chapters are fairly short. It evolves around a single story line that's filled with usable content and unexpected turn of events.


Rated: "Everyone" on Fimfiction, but I would personaly say "Teen" for suggestive context and semi-dirty jokes.


Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2060/



Totally not copied and pasted...Pretty similar to Allegrezza along the lines of VinylxOctavia and I felt that the style of writing was very similar.

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