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Humanized or Pony, don't matter to me.


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Hello, I'm taking requests. :) I've only recently started drawing ponies, so I'm not super great at them, but I've been drawing humans since 5th grade, so I'm pretty good at that.

I'll draw ponies from the show, OC's, or humanized ponies too if you want.

If you do request something though, please follow these instructions:

Put the name of the character you'd like.
A link to a picture or drawing of the character,
or a really good, clear description.
I need to know anything that you can tell me.
Including pose, if you'd like a certain one.
If you don't care much about that, then let me know that too...

I draw with pencil, and if you ask, I can ink it.

I currently have no colors out, so it will be uncolored.

I also have my scanner packed, so I have to take pictures with my phone.

I'm also asking permission to post the pictures on my deviantART page, if you don't mind.


Here is a picture of Fluttershy that I drew


And here's a picture of a new character I just drew tonight.

Atropa Belladonna

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