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Visual Art Hiking the Incredibly Beautiful Bird Creek Meadows (Mt. Adams, Washington)

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In mid-August, we hiked the Bird Creek Meadows Loop from Bird Lake, with a small side-trip to Hellroaring Overlook. This was our second visit to the incredibly beautiful Mount Adams Recreation Area. On our last visit, we hiked up to Iceberg Lake via the Bird Creek Meadows Trailhead, along the way passing Hellroaring Overlook and 30+ mountain goats. See that trip report here.
It was incredibly beautiful! We got to hike the loop in mid-August of 2015, just before the Cougar Creek Fire swept through the area this past summer. Much of Bird Creek Meadows was spared from the fire, but everything below Bluff Lake, including Bird Lake, was consumed by the fire.
We hiked the loop clockwise, starting on the Bird Lake Trail and ending on the Bluff Lake Trail.
Opening Photo:
Small mountainside stream at Bird Creek Meadows
Here is a video/short film I put together of this area, filmed during this hike and the previous hike up to Iceberg Lake in 2014.


Distance:    5.67 mi
Elevation SRTM
Elevation Gain:    1149.88 ft
Elevation Loss:    1149.88 ft
Min Elevation:    5597.11 ft
Max Elevation:    6502.62 ft
Here is the topo map found on the Oregon Hikers Field Guide. Read the PH/OH hiking guide here
------Trip Report------
We started at the trailhead at Bird Lake Campground. This is Bird Lake before the fire.

The Trailhead:





Bird Lake Trail
Crossing Crooked Creek:

Crossing Crooked Creek again:



Crooked Creek Falls! This falls is around 50' tall, I believe. It is a gorgeous waterfall; one of my favorites on Mount Adams.

Wildflowers along a mountain stream:

Soon after the falls, we reached the junction with the Round the Mountain Trail:
Small staircase waterfall along the Round the Mountain Trail:
That dramatic lighting! I love hiking under this kind of sky.
Wildflowers, oh my! :squee: 

We passed a small pond along the Round the Mountain Trail
We then took Trail #67 to the Hellroaring Canyon Overlook:
Upon nearing the overlook, we came upon a nice patch of flowers in full bloom alongside a little stream:

Soon Mount Adams and the massive Hellroaring Canyon unfolded before us. Mount Adams remained mostly hidden, but the dramatic clouds and epic canyon vista made up it. clear.png
The ridge on the far right is the Ridge of Wonders, and the large waterfall at center is unofficially called Hellroaring Basin Falls
Little Mount Adams prominently marks the southeastern end of the Ridge of Wonders
This is what the Hellroaring Overlook looks like on a clear, sunny day:
Photo taken in 2014
After Hellroaring Overlook, it was getting too dark for regular photos. 
GPSfly Track:
If you are a hiker (novice or experienced) or are interested in joining a brony hiking community, consider joining the group, Everfree Hikers. We have 126 members and counting!   ^_^
We welcome everyone of all levels of experience. While the group is focused on hiking, we also embrace mountain biking, climbing, rafting, birding, winter sports, and camping activities!
We challenge everyone to be like Daring Do and go live your own adventure! #FindYourPark #WeAreTheWild #PoniesAroundTheWorld
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