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*open the door and find out the gallery has reached a new level of dustiness*

Well... time to redeem ourselves. 

It's been two years since I left the forums for stress, mental disorder, envy and all "good" Things. Now that I'm back positive as ever, I feel the need to continue my posting here and getting all the support to keep what I would like to do.

Starting with what I consider it the hardest drawing I ever made.



I know it's not Dennyvixen or EquestriaPrevails level of draw quality but let me explain.
I had to draw her traditionally, had her lineart traced by hand, Remaking the lineart on Clip Studio paint, color her and adding lighting/shadows FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME WITH BARE KNOWLEDGE IN DIGITAL ART!!!

Colored me impressed when many people liked it. It was worth the effort.

Anyway, this is Jovial Heart. An OC made for a fanfic I made with a friend. Don't know if I'm gonna use ever again.




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Hey I'm back lol
Sorry for being offline for a couple of months but I had a lot of personal issues with myself and being a brony in such a gigantic fandom ^^'

Nonetheless, I did proceed with the pony naga plus some stuff I did a while ago I'm going to post someday.



To say the least, the scales were a chore to make :laugh:



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No pony nagas lel
This time it's a simple OC of mine.



Meet Night Melody the Unicorn.
Made in pencil and ink and done with CSP. I'm gonna need a lot of practice to improve lineart ^^'




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My OC and a Kirin (OC from a friend of mine) drawn in the style of Pocket Ponies. She's the OC of a friend of mine who's recently dismissed from the hospital so why not making this experimental drawing a gift as well?





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I haven't replied for a long time so long... have a hippogriff as a gift of apology.



I couldn't scan it because of the paper size. BTW her name is Emerald Coast.




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These pictures are done. These OCs will be ready to be re-drawn with digital art but something keep pestering me.
"Am I ready to do? Will I prove to be capable off? Or will i quit just like the previous times?"

It's this feeling of inadequacy that keeps me from trying.



L'immagine può contenere: disegno


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Remember the hippogriff I posted a few months ago? Well... I opened up CSP after a long time to see if I could make a digital "redraw" of her?

The result? To say the least, I feel proud of the outcome :wub:




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