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El Duderino

Movies/TV Magic vs The Forcs

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I was having this discussion with my sister. We were discussing if a wizard from the Harry Potter franchise would be able to fight a Jedi/Sith from the Star Wars franchise. 

We came to the conclusion that it would depend on if you can deflect magic with the force and if you could deflect the force with magic. 


In Harry Potter, spells cast with wands seem to have physical properties, so it would be fair to say you could deflect it with a lightsaber, or even the force like how Kylo Ren stops the blaster bolt with just the force in The Force Awakens.


But the problem is that powerful wizards don't need wands to cast spells. This is shown more in the books than in the movies. In Star Wars, they show that the force is mainly controlled by your mind, and you can also resist or even deflect others force attacks with your own force. The main question would be can you use the force to resist non physical spells cast by a powerful wizard? Or other way around. Can you resist the force using magic?


I think we would need to look at exactly what makes both there powers tick. What exactly is magic and what is the force? What makes them work? If they are similar in how they work, then I think we could safely come to the conclusion that you can combat one with the other.


What do you guys think?

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