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Adventure A Night to Remember

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Character line up:

Me: (Death Pegasus)

The other guys: undecided aka unknown editing still in progress!



In a town not so small, there was a group of friends who watched My little Pony: Friendship is magic. But it wasn't just a normal was the first episode of the fifth season. They where excited about the whole thing! But what they didn't know was it turned there whole lives around....forever...


Alright guys it's the season premiere, we've been waiting for this day since The trailer. Alright let's do this! As they started watching the show, they laughed and cried for some odd reason (lol idk) but suddenly everything went black for them...this wasn't normal for them, it was something they wasn't expecting at all! Shortly they wake up in a field of grass but....they looked at each other and yelled "WHAT THE BUCK!" Wait a minute guys, this had to be a dream...hmmm maybe, but what if it isn't a dream? So as time passes on they've figured out how to walk on there hooves instead of feet.


Dude we gotta find somewhere where there's people or whatever we are.. Ugh! Come on now guys don't you get it? Where ponies! I mean look at yourself! Before they could say a word I trotting sound a few feet away...wait guys listen... (To be continued...maybe)

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I wonder where this is going to go?

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