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Sad Songs


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I've got a few


Johnny Cash took an already sad song, and took it to the next level of sadness. 


Extra one: While not the saddest sounding song, this really hit me hard considering this was the last video of David Bowie before he died literally a few days later. It's a haunting video

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This song's depth resonates with me on a spiritual level. It really brings to light how orchestrated the human struggle is and how we truly only have a limited control over our destiny.


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I've got a few:






And finally, the one I still can't listen to normally:



EDIT: I guess only two vids per post. Well, you can simply copy/paste the rest probably.

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Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd


No Quarter, Led Zeppelin


Big Log, Robert Plant


The Death of a Soldier, Ennio Morricone


Iron Wheels, Saxon


In a Broken Dream, Python Lee Jackson


Lost for Words, Pink Floyd


Cry, 10cc


Mama, Genesis


I don'r care anymore, Phil Collins


I don't wanna miss a thing, Aerosmith


Send me an angel, Scorpions


Only Remembered, Traditional English song


Beth, kiss


Drifting, Pat Briscoe (A.K.A. Simon Viklund)



That should do you for a while. I've tried to get a relatively broad range of genres (i.e. traditional, rock, country... Actually, maybe it's not that broad).


Hope you enjoy. There's plenty other songs by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin that could be considered sad, so you can probably find the rest.

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"Disaster Hearts" and "The Faster The Treadmill" by I Fight Dragons, "Fuzzy Blue Lights" and "The Saltwater Room" by Owl City, "Lucky Ones" by Tryhardninja.


They're all pretty good.

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Here are the saddest songs I've listened too (no particular order FYI) :


Outrage - Great Blue (sad both musically and lyrically):



Rosenfeld - Rest In Peace:



Metallica - Fade To Black:



Metallica - One:



Dream Theater - The Best Of Times:



Iron Maiden - Empire Of The Clouds:


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I want to thank you all for these songs, they were all incredible. But a few in particular really spoke to me. They are:


Damage Inside was just beautiful, thank you Denim and Venom.


This started playing after the saddest ending to a video game I had ever seen.

I have this game on my my iPod touch though have yet to complete it yet, the score is beautiful. Thanks Night Silent.


I do hope you feel better soon. :( 


Here is something you can listen to.



And of course I can't help but love this song Gumball. Thanks a ton.


And thank you to everyone else that posted here.


Damien Bolt.

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If you have seen Futurama, even just that episode you will know what makes this particular song sad.



This next one is played in Mother 3 after Luca's mother died.


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Grunge is a goldmine of sad songs.

Could also have linked more obvious choices, like Say Something or Fix You, but I'm not that unoriginal.  :toldya:

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I always found this song to be one of the more tragic and depressing ones...


"Now my bitter hands

Cradle broken glass

Of what was everything"


Pearl Jam - Black


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So I kind of love sad music, but usually not sad music with words. The exception would be some British Folk. I just can't get enough of how dreary and depressing it is. I love it.



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