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Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated
Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and
programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of
its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and
generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering.
But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right?

Greetings, everybrony!

We are happy (and just a little bit terrified) to introduce the English translation project for The Broken Toy!

What is The Broken Toy?

The Broken Toy (orig. "Сломанная Игрушка"- rus.) is an epic dark novel by DarkKnight, who is well known and appreciated throughout the Russian-speaking brony community.

The story takes place in the future of the Earth, where advanced genetic engineering allows humans to mass produce sapient technicolor ponies synthetic living beings with programmable minds and memories. If you want to get the basic understanding of what this novel is, just imagine the crazy mix of Do Hippoids Dream of Electric Parasprites by Filly K. Buck and Who Framed Roger Pegasus film.

The novel contains 150K words, has been published as a book with an art-book, there is an audio version and also a spread of fan-made artworks and fics.

Warning! Novel contains scenes of violence, coarse language, adult themes, and random combinations of the foregoing! Rated “M”: appropriate for mature teens and older.

What’s our plan?

Basically, our goal is to adapt and translate the original novel for the English-speaking community, chapter by chapter. We are also working on an English audio book and a set of illustrations for every chapter. Check the links below!

In the longer term, we plan to publish the novel as an illustrated book.

The Broken Toy team

There are currently four of us, in alphabetical order:

1. Cerulean Starlight, editor of the English version.
2. Icy Shake, editor of the English version.
3. Slaaneshi, translator and charismatic PR-managing guy.
4. V_Korneev, one no fun jerk. Does:
• Editing and adaptation of Russian version in coordination with DarkKnight;
• Rough English translation;
• Voice-acting and sound-editing for novel's audio version;
• Artworks;
• Whine.
Links to the story
Project web-page
Illustrations on DeviantArt
Audiobook on YouTube
The Broken Toy on FIMFiction
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Greetings, earthlings bronies!

We've made it at last: Chapter 02 is released! I've finished an illustration, and now working on audio.


I must admit, the process of adaptation of easter eggs in this chapter wasn't easy, but it turned out to be quite interesting task. Hope you'll enjoy the reading. And of course I would be glad to hear your feedback.

Have a nice day!

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