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Open Cheval - The Rueful, Selfish, Bore

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Somewhere along the prancing, gallant colors I often lose myself in one tirade or another. The colorful world. The jovial world. I find myself resenting it. I find myself condemning it. So for that I might as well apologize. I might as well resign myself to some margin, some minuscule portion in which I can stand and I can stare aghast at the great multitude of equines strolling along, thinking along. There is some cruel indignity in being and subsisting without knowing, without understanding. 


I am a cretin, a lethargic bore whom none could find interest outside of the most superfluous of conversational tip-bits. Oh, how is your day? Oh, what are you doing today? Oh, what have you done until this single, fleeting moment in a pathetic, lethargically progressing but cruelly finite mortal existence?




I am such a pretentious sort.


I procure these words and these thoughts - stringing them together without the slightest recourse - as though their own presence is validated by my attentiveness to them. 


I see the inter-mingling, the connectivity, the great and jovial reception and I am left bewildered - intimidated and reluctant to join. I see the monarchs, the god-like beings, that we are meant to praise and adore...and yet I see incompetence. I see fallibility. And the presence of mind necessary to inquire...I find it to be a rarity...a diamond amidst the cruel, sharp, gray stones.


And even then, there is interest and intrigue among them. 


But I am not herd. I am not heeded. How could I be?


I am not of interest! I am but a solitary, rueful stallion cloaked in brown - a most typical color, a most insignificant hide. And I am selfish. 


All I could ever dream in this life is to meet another of my own kind and have a perfectly candid conversation. No pretense, no justification....simply being.


Is there anyone who would dare approach me in such a state? Is there anyone who would even attempt such an endeavor? 


All I need is a simple hello. 

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his roleplay has been locked due to not having an accompanying OOC thread. Please PM me or any member of roleplay staff with the links to both the RP and OOC in order to have the thread unlocked.

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