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The beauty of an angel


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The heavens sing your sweet name,

the trumpets play to show their pride.


They play their pride for the perfect creation,

the beautiful spirit that they had molded.


God smiles as he watches his creation grow,

taking special care to make her life wonderful.


But God is now weeping,

his pain sharing with her love.


For they are both crying for her,

as she has lost faith in her beauty.


God has placed his trust into her love,

and he shall perform his duty.


For he is her knight,

and she is his princess.


He places her well being in his heart,

and he rides into battle to fight her pain.


Her massive amount of beauty takes his breath away,

the moment he sees her the blood rushes to his cheeks.


The light of her beauty shines on the inside and out,

the moment she smiles his world is complete.


The curves of her body finely shaped by god,

the perfect body for the perfect woman.


On the inside her heart is made of pure gold,

her caring nature giving her love life.


He will always be grateful to god and her,

as he has recieved the greatest gift of all.


For his love is beautiful on the inside and out,

and their love is true.


Until the end of their lives he will live for her,

until his final breath he will fight for her.


So he will not stand for talk of uglyness,

for she is the complete opposite.


I love you Alexandra,

and my love is true.


Because you have admitted you are beautiful,

and I will not your negative thoughts into your mind.


So smile sweetie,

you need to smile.


Do it for the world,

as we need your light.


Your beauty...

It is the beauty of an angel.

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Manly tears were shed that day.


Yes, there were.

Pure genius. Amazing nothing less.



I'm not a genius. Just a man in love.

...... that's beautiful, man.


Why thank you x3

I read this comment in a hippie-guitarist voice,

I blame your avatar ;D lol



I pictured drake bell as Kyle from the Amanda show.

So pretty much same thing x3

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