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Thank you so much guys for this feedback. I have some new pieces for a project but won't share them until it's finished this spring. For now, I've done all the work I needed to do on the project and can return to making (and sharing) other stuff. Something new should be coming soon. :)

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Hello there. I see you've stumbled upon my thread. I've decided to share a few of my pictures with you. I hope you'll like them.    I do mostly traditional art because I'm not that good at digita

Just a quick Double Diamond today.      

I bought some new, pretty expensive, pencils yesterday so I wanted to test them. Didn't turn out that bad, I think. They might be worth the price.      

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A couple of fails with the Mondeluz pencils. I had to acquire some pretty expensive new papers after the first picture. Hopefully with a bit of training…









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Unfortunately, I do find deviantArt to be incredibly annoying with its pay-to-win promotion, anti-adblock pop-ups and the terrible mobile app. I do have one, but I haven't uploaded to it in a while. I now use Tumblr, which also tweets through my Twitter art account automatically, and is much easier and better for me to use.



On 2017-3-17 at 2:35 PM, Lunarpalette said:

Looking awesome!


Thank you! :)

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