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Gaming [Rant] Fanboys And Hate Is A Joke. Thoughts?

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(Disclaimer: This video isn't mine, it's by Fatalmephisto. I just wanted to share it)


Warning: This video contains course language.



I would like to know what your guy's thoughts are about this issue. I happen to agree with him on this.

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I think some of the things he's talking about happen because person A can't criticize a game or console without outright shitting on it and person B has a knee-jerk "must defend said game or console" reaction; it's extremely polarizing.  And I can't really disagree with his rant, because he's saying things that are kind of, you know...  True.  For the most part.


Though it's arguable whether or not his rant, in and of itself, is "something that matters," and video games have, to some extent, ceased to be entertainment.  But I digress.

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