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Flutter By, Fluttershy - An Original Instrumental for Fluttershy Day

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Hey, everypony! Bo here with an original and soothing instrumental track dedicated to best pony Fluttershy.


Since it's Fluttershy Day over on Equestria Daily, I thought today would be the perfect time to share this track with you all.


I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


Happy Best Pony Fluttershy Day!



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It's beautiful <3


I've always been a fan of piano instrumentals :P

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It's an okay listen. 


However, the biggest problem with this piece is that you limited yourself to the I and the IV knowing that this piece is in the key of G major. It became very repetitive, which was a huge turn-off for me in this piece. 


Here are some chord suggestions












There are many more suggestions I can give you. 


The piano could use a drop of chorus to give it a little watery type of feel. Also, instead of using only broken 5ths and 4ths, why not play arpeggiated 9th chord and 7th chord licks with a slight slapback delay added. The delay volume shouldn't be that loud. 


The strings should glide from one chord to the next. There's a cut after each chord in the strings. It's a nice string sound though, but why not add a polysynth behind the acoustic strings to give it that ambient sound you were looking for?


That plucked sine wave was very effective. However, maybe have a plucked semi-popcorn lead playing 7th chords and 9th chord licks along with the piano. 


All in all, it's a good start, but it could use quite a bit of development. I'm here if you need any help with what I explained. 

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