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The Weather Thread

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Best clouds are Cumulonimbus clouds in moon light

Title says it all. Does anypony like weather? What are your favorite types of weather?   I've always liked thunderstorms and especially severe thunderstorms such as tornadoes. Although deadly, I fin

It’s only been in the 70s here.     I hate March and early April.  That jacket weather in the morning, and short sleeve weather in the afternoon is not my thing.   Then there’s summer

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22 minutes ago, Tropical Melody said:

See what I mean

I've probably gained loads of twigs off the trees out back, is normally what happens


I remember the hurricane we had back in the 80's. I was only little at the time, but I remember we ended up with a whole tree in our garden. :muffins:

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1 hour ago, Tropical Melody said:

Yes remember it well. Think we lost a ridge tile

And those famous words, "A woman phoned up today to say there is a hurricane coming, don't worry, there isn't ..."


Poor Michael Fish. He was never allowed to live that down. :muffins:




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Finally, after three days with stormy wind, heavy rain, hail, snow and lightnings, the storm has gone, the sky is really clear and the temperatures are really cool (2°C). 

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17 hours ago, Treeglow Flicker said:

It was cold again today, but luckily the wind died down enough for me to repair the fence panel that Storm Ciara tried to steal from my garden the other day.

I hope Dennis isn't more successful! :o


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Storm Dennis is trying to rip my bike covers off. I had a piece of paving slab on top of one, as a weight. Nope, it had that off. Twice! Now got a luggage strap round it, hope it's strong enough. Gusts peaking 7 pm tonight, if Met office is right, then reducing, if only somewhat. Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.



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